Cradle Cohort 2

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Cradle Cohort 2

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Learn the Codes to getting it RIGHT.

The opportunity to accelerate your startup and be part of a COMPREHENSIVE ECOSYSTEM, to support your growth into the Future.

#Cohort2 is closed!
*Stay tuned for the announcement of the Top 40 teams
this 6th of October 2022!

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The MyStartUp Pre-Accelerator programme is exclusively designed for pre-seed and early-stage startups that are serious about achieving impactful customer proof-points while building and validating ideas & business models. Directly access our pool of international & local mentors, innovation hubs, resources and market exposure with extended post-programme and funding opportunities as perks of the programme


14 hours of power packed teachings on 7 Core Strategic Modules to help you understand the principles of each Masterclass, coupled with workshops to practice what you learn.

On-Demand Learning

A library of short courses made accessible anytime, anywhere to support your 7 Core Strategic Modules.


Get connected with an extensive pool of experts for 1-1 or Ad Hoc Mentorship.

Innovation Hubs

Access BEYOND4 Hubs in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Penang & Pahang for FREE.

High Value Networking Event 

Get exclusive invites to private and industry events to grow your network and net worth.

Partnership / Alliances

Connect & extend your Start-Up values with various Partnerships & strategic introductions with the BEYOND4 Ecosystem.

Programme Information 

As Ecosystem builders and pioneers of the industry, we have gone through hundreds of pitch decks and worked alongside multiple start-ups to curate a holistic programme for you. This programme has everything you need to set yourself on the right path in building a scalable & profitable business model.

Your Value in this Programme

Enjoy and array of benefits as part of the MYSTARTUP Pre-Accelerator programme in boosting Start-up growth & experience with US.


Learn how to correctly use powerful innovation tools, techniques & platforms.

Networking Events & Activities 

Connect with brilliant entrepreneurial minds, learn new skills from mentors, and change the way you understand your customer.

Customer Development

Knowing how to talk to your customers and channel their feedback into your product is a skill you never stop using as an entrepreneur. We’ll make sure you start-off on the right path.

Accelerator Readiness 

Your startup will have the structure and style to give you the edge in accelerator applications while helping you embark on conversations with investors.

Templates & Additional Resources 

Freely access templates for respective modules in assisting you throughout the programme

Demo Day Rewards

Race to be one of the Top 15 teams to enjoy one of these post-programme opportunities
    Funding Opportunities (Grant) Up to RM150,000 by Cradle
    Investment & Acceleration Opportunities 
    (Up to RM 50,000, offer to join BEYOND4 Startup Accelerator)
  • Proof-of-Concept Opportunities
  • Immersion Programme
  • Tools and Resources
    (Value up to RM 10,000)

Eligibility Criteria

Please contact [email protected] if you are unsure whether you are eligible for the programme.

Malaysian Founder

At least 1 team member must be a Malaysian

Minimum Viable Product

Must be able to show an MVP or viable activities

Malaysian Registered Entity

You must have a registered entity or indicate plans to register within the next 3 months.


1 committed full time member
Commit at least 40 hours in programm

Target Verticals

Preferably within Manufacturing, Fintech, Digital Arts, EdTech, HealthTech, AgTech, FoodTech, GBS.

Programme Roadmap - Cohort #2

This programme is exclusively catered to Start-Up Founders with 70% of the programme conducted on a Hybrid Model.

Check out your timelines for #Cohort2 and start applying!


We would like to get to know you better! The application is open from August 15 to September 14, 2022. Fill out the application form with the help of some resources. 

Programme Commences

You will be invited to join the Kickstart event at Kuala Lumpur on October 6, 2022. Get to know your fellow cohort members and mentors!

Mid-Term Review

Submit a 3 to 5 minutes video clip of you presenting your business plan. You will be given a score that contributes to the final result. 

Demo Day

Get yourself known to the investors and potential partners, and in the startup ecosystem! The demo day will happen in Kuala Lumpur. 

Programme Completed

The programme does not end here. Tap onto networking opportunities available to My Startup's cohort members.

Pre-Application Prep

Here are some information to equip you in submitting an eye catching Application form:
  • Your LinkedIn profile link
  • Company details such as a short description, problems you are solving and the solutions
  • A shareable link (e.g. using Google Drive, Dropbox) of an introductory deck (no more than 5 MB)
  • The vertical that the company is in
  • Details of other startup accelerator/ incubator programmes you have joined and the period of participation
Join today

Elevate your Startup to the Next Level

Being pioneers with accelerating talent and startup landscapes alongside partners, we go through hundred of pitch decks and startup profiles, and we have discovered that many founder lack the basics. This programme will help you get those basics right!


Application starts in

17th August 2022

Application ends in

23rd September 2022

Programme starts on

13th October 2022


5 Months
40 Hours

Cohort #1 size

30 - 40 pax

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MYSTARTUP is a national project initiated by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) and developed by Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd. The platform serves as a directory of Malaysia's startups, investors, service providers and other ecosystem partners. Access list of startup ecosystem programs, talent sourcing and community-curated content.