Cradle Cohort 1

Materials in Works


About Materials in Works

MATERIALS IN WORKS (MIW) mission is to call for INDUSTRIAL SYMBIOSIS Program – a collaboration among industry enterprises to upcycle and exchange their by-products in achieving higher resource efficiency, waste minimization and hence reducing negative impact towards environment.

"Through solutions we create, we see positive progress on environmental issues."

MATERIALS IN WORKS (MIW) is looking to supply reliable GREEN raw materials to specific industries by recovering valuable resources from collected industrial solid wastes and achieving ZERO WASTE to landfill goal.
Environment is important to humans and all other species that in which we live harmony and peacefully. We are here to help our future generations to be able to enjoy blue skies and green forests.

Indigenous technological innovation with Public Universities

Business adopting circular economy (cradle-to-cradle)

Technological based upcycling process

Building environmentally friendly brand image to value chain stakeholders

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