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Jadual App


About Jadual App

Manage your team smarter.
We're building the next generation team scheduling app. Sign up to join our private beta soon - it's free!

The Features

Automate your work

Let AI take over the repetitive and time-consuming work. Focus on your team.

Schedule Faster

Our AI algorithm allows you to generate your team's working schedule within a fraction of time. Take control of your time. Save countless hours.

Swap/Trade Shifts

Swap or trade your shifts with your colleagues with the click of a button.

Submit Requests

Put in all your shift requests and leaves with the convenience of your mobile phone or your browser.

Schedule Reports

Summarize your team's shifts information with a click of a button.

Intuitive Scheduling

Escape spreadsheet hell with Jadual’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface.


The Jadual App enables you to take control of your work-life balance. Your own personalized schedule, within your team's roster

Receive Notifications

Receive notification for newly released team shift schedule.

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