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About InsureKU

InsureKU is designed to be an aggregator platform which provides a comfortable start to finish experience for Malaysians. By keeping the navigation simple, InsureKU aims to enable Malaysians to compare quotations for life and general insurances in an easy, straight-forward manner. With products sourced directly from insurers and not through the agency, Financial Advisor (FA) or broker model, insureKU aspires to be the pioneer in providing insurances at a lower cost and “pocket-friendly” manner while enabling transparency in pricing across the board.
Simplicity and convenience are the key factors that insureKU aims to promote. People often turn away from insurance aggregators’ or insurers’ websites due to the bombardment of financial terms and jargons – which, to the common man, may seem quite daunting. This in turn results in them not completing their purchase of a financial product online. Although the solution to this may be multifold, insureKU believes that with prudence, this can be solved and may result in an accelerated market capture.

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