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Hari Wang


About Hari Wang

We’re here giving More Option, Greater Life Balance.
The ultimate goal of HariWang is to help you improve your financial well-being through more option and freedom of choice in managing your money or payday. We want you in control and take the worry out of money, achieve greater lifestyle.
What We Offer
We partner with your employer to provide financial services (Advance Salary) that help you reduce financial stress and manage your lifestyle better before payday.
How It Works
We offer services through your employer which are linked to your salary and tailored to your individual circumstances, giving more option in managing your financial. You can now take control of your financial even before your payday.

How It Works

1. Check your Eligibility

Check whether your employer supports/offers Advance Salary

2. Register for Advance

If you're eligible, you'll need to complete a simple online registration with your details.

3. Access Up to 70%

Get paid when you need it, not just when it's payday. You can access up to 70% of what you've earned.

4. Fixed Fee, No Interest

Advance is not a loan, so there's no interest to pay. Just a flat fee of RM20 or 10% per withdrawal whichever higher

5. Instant Access

Once you request an Advance, it's paid directly to your bank account within 48 hours. 

6. Balance Availability

Check whether your employer support/offers Advance Salary

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