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Halo Delivery


About Halo Delivery

Established in July 2018, Halo is a forward-looking company focused on creating a platform uniting software, merchant and delivery agent to make on-demand and same-day delivery for community and help businesses grow better every day.

Today, we are privileged to operate in 250 service area in Malaysia and expected to be in service nationwide by middle of 2022.

Halo always believed in fast delivery and low-cost service, supported by a pool of over 8,000 delivery agents nationwide working every day and the numbers keep growing fast.

How It Works

We are empowering local businesses and entrepreneurs,
enabling new ways for community to earn and increase productivity.

After you make a booking. Rider will accept your job.

Rider will contact you and pickup from you.

Real time tracking where your parcel and waiting to delivered to receipient.

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