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Vehicle Advertising Solutions
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About Carching

We're a solutions-based company that aims to improve inefficiencies that arise from status quos. We like to question global conventional practices that people usually put up with and build solutions to improve these practices that would unlock value for our users.

We've narrowed down to a depreciating asset that has been widely accepted as one of a necessities in the modern connected world - the car. A consumer asset patented in 1886, it has made the world a smaller place, bringing people together (and in some situations, apart), fostering economic growth, improving knowledge and catalysing technology spillover. There is no denying that it has a significant positive impact on society. However, we generally discount the cost required to get to our destinations, especially to an individual owner e.g. financial cost (such as interest payments, insurance, taxes, petrol consumption, maintenance, repair and depreciation) and productivity cost (such as getting stuck in traffic jams).

Vehicle Advertising

Get Connected

Love driving? We do too! But sometimes, driving can be quite... meh. Jamlah, parkinglah, kena double-parkedlah, samanlah, repairlah, accidentlah dan lain-lain.

We understand the pain and that's why we created carching! We're a team of drivers just like you and we are here to make driving a little bit more fun and rewarding!
DISCLAIMER: No, this is not another ride-sharing or delivery company.

Get Rewarded

And who doesn't like rewards? Joining the platform will help your car go that extra mile!

Earn and get rewarded while you drive ke sana ke sini - to work, your favourite mamak, your next futsal game, or your friend's house, anywhere really!

So What is Carching?

Well, we’re a bunch of drivers like you that want to make the driving experience just a liiiiittle bit more fun and rewarding. With carching, you will be able to connect with other drivers and be rewarded for simply moving around, living your life!

We know what you’re thinking and NO, we’re not another ride-sharing or delivery company! The best part? You don't have to change your lifestyle - in fact, we’re here to improve it!

Interested to learn how you can get more value every time you drive? Simply click the sign up button below and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more updates.

Don’t say we bojio!

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