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Creative Designer Job & Freelance Marketplace

About Artmeet

Artmeet is the Creative Designer Network & Job Marketplace for designers and recruiters to experience the best of LinkedIn+Behance on one centralized platform. We strive to build a community that provides an effective, trusted platform for creative designers and recruiters to find and transact with each other.

At Artmeet:
  • Recruiters can connect, search and hire Creative Designers 10x faster, more efficient and at low cost. 
  • Designers can build strong connection and portfolio, share, sell and grow their design skills easily.

Key Highlights on Artmeet's Features

  • Profile as Resume
    Artmeet features a full-fledged designer profile that allows you to judge them by their historical employment data (Endorsement & Evaluation from client and/or employer).
  • Social Network-Driven Community
    Artmeet is social network-driven which means you are able to connect and watch designers of interest, send them a job offer whenever they are available.
  • Job Board for Creative Designers
    Artmeet provides you a job portal which is FREE to post jobs, equipped with a LinkedIn-like talent search solution.
  • Marketplace to Outsource Creative Projects
    Artmeet provides you a creative marketplace to hire designers through design contests or freelance projects.

  • How Far We've Gone?
    • We have launched our job portal platform since March 2021 which already attracts more than 4,500 users seeking for jobs or hiring designers.
    • Our next phase is to develop and launch the social network features which allow designers and recruiters to connect to each other.

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