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Activity 1 : Customer Discovery & Development

Date: 15 June 2023 (Thursday) - 5 July 2023 (Wednesday)
For Pre-Accelerator Programme
If you have problems accessing the masterclasses, kindly reach out us at pmo.beyond4.tech.

What Is This About?

The Customer Discovery & Development survey is introduced and designed to assist teams in validating their idea, the market and customer behaviour and trends.

In this listing, you will find guideline on building your survey questions the right way to get the most accurate information which will allow you to Proceed or Pivot. Each team is allowed to submit 8-12 questions in MCQ format alongside your Project Name in a word document/pdf to [email protected]. These questions will be uploaded and added into a survey link which will be featured on the academy.

Kindly take note of the below timeline for the submission for the survey for the team to prepare the site ready for data collection. 

  • Deadline for Startups to submit survey questions.
  • Survey goes live.
  • Survey closes

Teams can leverage on this survey link moving forward to obtain survey feedback as it is accessible to the public. 

Learning Outcomes

Topics covered include: 
  • Discover who are your potential customers/market and customers behaviours, trends, and attitude towards your product/technology.
  • Able to define target audience, total addressable market, and total accessible market.
  • Being able to define product, services and value-added services based on output received from this activity.

Course Outline