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Networking Explained: The Fundamentals of Networking

Do you know what "networking" really entails? Building relationships!

Learn how to network and current best practices for online and offline success in this course. No matter where you meet them, this course focuses on building more significant relationships in general.
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What Is This About?

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Having a solid professional network is a must-have talent in today's world. You will learn the significance and power of networking in this casual and fun course. You'll also learn to create and maintain a valued and robust network. Discover how to make easy contact with others and successfully market yourself and your company!

The Overview

01. Explain to Me: How To Get Yourself Noticed During a Networking Session

It's not always enough to just show up to a networking event to get noticed (in a good way). You'll need to do things that make you stand out from the crowd if you want to achieve amazing things. In this podcast, Jeslin will share with us some of her tips to get noticed during a networking session.
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02. Explain to Me: What To Do After Networking

Networking is merely the beginning of setting the basis for a mutually beneficial business relationship when making new connections within an industry. In this podcast, Jeslin will share what to do after networking. Yes, all are follow-ups!
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03. How to Network (Podcast)

In this podcast, you will learn the top ten tips on how to network and how to make sure you get the best out of the experience. Jeslin will also be sharing her personal anecdotes from her vast experience of networking with a wide range of individuals.

04. How to Step Up Your Networking Skills (Podcast)

How comfortable are you when speaking to new people? How can you avoid awkward silence during your conversations? In this video, Paddy teaches you some valuable tips on stepping up your networking skills!