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Pushpa Nair

Securities Industry Dispute Resolution Center (SIDREC)
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Pushpa Nair

Pushpa Nair is a seasoned lawyer who has been invoved in Maxis, Astro and MCMC when they were in start-up phase. Well versed in establishing new office units and getting to work without an existing blue print or SoP, Pushpa enjoys setting up businesses from the ground upwards.

Mostly working on telecom regulation and competition law in the last decade, she is now focused on ESG (Environment/Social/Governance) matters and is in the process of getting herself GRI standards certified. Kaizen and continuing education are her hallmarks and she is happy to share her wealth of experienec with the participants in the Accelerator Programme.

 Areas of Expertise: Corporate and commercial Law, Telecom Regulation, Consumer Protection, Competition Law and ESG, Corporate Governance and Compliance reporting

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