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Nancy Ahola

CMG Consulting
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Nancy Ahola

Nancy Ahola is a Senior Director in the area of Transformation at CMG Consulting, a US Based Consulting company with Fortune 500 clients in a variety of areas, including Telecom, SaaS, Consumer Brands, Healthcare and others.

She previously was the Chief Strategy Officer of Z Instruments, a Telecom Test and Measurement Startup, that has recently been purchased by its former investors for 3.5M euros. She has also been an independent consultant to a variety of organizations, including as an investment/innovation scout for large global tech companies and building ecosystems for governmental organization.

Her specialty is Market Entry, especially the US, European and East Asian markets, after having entered over 25 markets successfully. She works with her clients in Product Development, Market Expansion, Operations, and other areas. 

 Areas of Expertise: Market Entry, Fundraising & Valuation, Sales & Marketing, Product Development, Tech Ecosystems, Business Development, Operations, Executive Mentorship, , Personal Development, Impact Investing/ ESG Compliance/ Carbon Neutrality, Healthcare, Telecom, Financial Technology, Blockchain & Web 3.0, C-Level Management, Digital Marketing & User Acquisition, Management & Communication, UIUX & Design, Market Entry & Business Development 
"A cookie cutter approach is not a realistic way to approach organizations and how to make them success. Each group has its own nuances and challenges, making it necessary to develop an indivualized approach to make it sustain, grow and thrive."