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Ivan Yong

Ivan Yong Wei Kit is an organizational psychologist, engineer, author and startup angel investor. He is the co-founder of Nanyang Angelz, an angel network focused in making impact investments into startups and Corporate Disruptors Forum (CDF), an international platform that engages startup and corporates in corporate innovation. In 2019, he authored the book, “Department of Startup. Why Every Fortune 500 Should Have One,” published by BEP, New York; a strategic adoption of startup culture for corporates.

Well-versed with sales and business development, Ivan was successful in building 3 multi-million dollars startup businesses for 3 MNCs (Japan, UK, US) in Asia Pacific specializing in SaaS, HR Tech and Ed. Tech. 

He also offers a unique perspective into finding the gems in startups, through his experience as a pharmaceutical production engineer in understanding technology and as an organizational psychologist in building culturally strong founding teams.

Last but not least, Ivan volunteers as the Head of Global Social Responsibility Initiatives with the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) & an appointed International Partner with the World Business Angel Forum (WBAF) in 2020."

Ivan, based in Hongkong, is a leading voice in innovation for both corporations and startups. He has helped many explore new ways of building purpose-driven businesses capable of moving ahead at the speed of change. Ivan is also a psychologist and an author!

 Areas of Expertise: Sales, Business Development, Startup Strategy, Distribution Channel Management
"The essential skill to a successful innovation or entrepreneurship journey is selling skill. Innovation must first be approached from the lens of sales as it will inform us if what we are innovating will be adopted by the market."