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Deric Yee

Deric Yee is the co-founder of Sigma School - The peer-to-peer, online coding school that doesn't get paid if our students don't get paid. As an entrepreneur who's made and lost money in the world of entrepreneurship, he realises 1 thing - Success only comes when you truly solve a customer pain point in a scalable manner (and it needs to be big enough of a pain point that people would pay for it).

Trained from a background in finance before breaking into tech entrepreneurship, Deric dives deep into understanding the unit economics of different business models and seeks joy pre-launching products fast and cheap to keep startups lean.

 Areas of Expertise: Digital Marketing, Funnel Building, Business Model Design, Pre-launching, Project Management, UIUX, Software Development, No-code MVPs, Education​
"Do things that don't scale! As a pre-seed stage startup, you shouldn't spend any time thinking of scaling your product. There's no point adding water into a leaky funnel. Instead, find 3 customers, deeply solve their pain points and get paid for it. Then let's talk about scaling."