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Monmanus Tadamnuaychai
(K. Act)

House of M
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Monmanus Tadamnuaychai (K. Act)

Monmanus Tadamnuaychai is House of M's CEO. House of M's devotion to sustainability has helped every industry. Monmanus Tadamnuaychai aspires to improve the world's opportunities by bringing sustainability into every aspect of daily living. He also oversees their crew, ensuring productivity and optimizes bringing sustainability into any sector.

To reduce waste and CO2, Monmanus Tadamnuaychai funded and built an e-commerce platform for the sharing economy. He provided financial support for green energy and GHG emission reductions or removals. He also aims to create a platform for the young generation to make money by creating content and making it public on the platform.

 Areas of Expertise: Entertainment, Brand Awareness, Digital Marketing, Data Analysis, Strategic Planning, Business Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Market Planning, Strategy Planning, Brand Management, Management, Startup Development, Financial Management, Financial Analysis, Data Analytics, Financial Planning
"Understand the business life cycle, be prepared, and be ready to face problems at anytime. Finally, be patient and understand the situation until you pass it."