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Fundraising 101: How to Raise Funds Like A Pro

Learn how to raise money like a pro in this practical guide to fundraising. We will help you take the next step in securing the funds and support that your venture needs to succeed!
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What Is This About?

  • Videos: 2 podcasts 
Fundraising might be the most challenging part of starting a new venture, as any entrepreneur will agree to. While the competition for capital is steadily increasing, your odds of getting investors are becoming increasingly bleak.

We'll go through some pointers on how to raise funds for your business and some tips to avoid fundraising pitfalls. Prepare for a fun-filled day and a chance to brainstorm fundraising ideas for your projects with a played-back event, videos, and podcasts!

The Overview

01. Five Fundraising Pitfalls to Avoid (Podcast)

Fundraising is a repeated and often crucial component of a business's life cycle. Companies need to raise money to develop products, marketing campaigns, scale operations, sometimes just for survival.

This podcast will highlight the top five common fundraising pitfalls that can save you time, money, and worries if you avoid them.
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02. Should I Get Investors' Money (Podcast)

Are you looking for funding to move your business forward? But do you not know whether you should get investors’ money or just fork out your own funds first? 

Someone who has successfully exited a few businesses will address your burning questions regarding investors’ money. In this video, Paddy Tan will share his advice and insights on whether we should get investors’ money for our business based on his own experience.