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Mentor Sharing #2: Why Startups Fail (For Early-Stage)

Founder's Grit Startup Bootcamp
If you have problems accessing the masterclass, kindly reach out us at pmo.beyond4.tech.

What Is This About?

​The topic of early-stage warning signs of startup failure and knowing your startup limits often gets a mixed response from founders. Is it possible to predict if your startup will fail before you start? This panel discussion aims to provide concrete strategies and approaches to tackle this problem.

Shelby Tee, Chief Editor of Why Startups Fail, together with Peter, Lydia and CK, will delve into the unknown world of startup failures and share unique insights into why early-stage startups fail and what you can learn from their mistakes. 

This session will allow you to:

  • Identify early-stage warning signs of startup failure—how to detect if your startup will fail
  • Know your startup failure limits—when should you give up, and when should you not
  • Recognise the causes and patterns of early-stage startup failures—what to settle first for a startup in its early stages
  • Get early-stage startup scaling advice to minimise failure!

who Should Attend?

  • Startup founders and business owners who want to grow their business ventures   
  • Entrepreneurs who are interested in delving beyond startup statistics and numbers  
  • People who are curious to learn from the missteps of failed startups in various industries

Event Playback

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Meet the Speakers

Shelby Tee

Editor-in-Chief, Why Startups Fail
​Based in Singapore, Shelby is always keen to explore new things, and nothing excites her more than a new challenge.

Her expertise lies in corporate and product marketing, project management, business operations, and crisis management. Shelby is also the Editor-In-Chief of the Why Startups Fail Newsletter by BlackStorm Consulting.

Peter Ho

Manager Partner, Quocent 
​Peter Ho is the Managing Partner & Head of SEA Business Strategy for Quocent Sdn Bhd. He is also the World Consumers' Protection Chamber of Commerce's Vice President & Head of Strategy.

Peter has over 25 years of experience with established C Level Engagement, Strategy, Program Development & Account Management in retail and Enterprise Business. Peter also has experience in Telco, Channel Management, Fintech, and Customer Experience.

CK Changr

Founder, OXWHITE
​CK Changr, the guy behind menswear and lifestyle brand OXWHITE, is a name you'd definitely want to put on your radar. A true creative at heart, he is an entrepreneur with a passion for fashion and businesses that are breaking the mold.

OXWHITE has continued to impress and reach customers all over the world! One thing is for sure, CK's values and the ones on which his brand is founded do not allow shortcuts or distractions.

Lydia Foo Mun Yee

Startup Entrepreneur
​Lydia Foo has 25 years of extensive experience, started as an auditor and accountant, and subsequently changed her career path to Sales and Marketing.

Worked in global MNC, Jardine One Solutions (Asst Finance Manager), LG Electronics, Lenovo Technologies, and Huawei (Country leader overseeing Malaysia and Singapore market). Currently as an independent business owner in BE International and Startup entrepreneur.